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We Need A Foundation. We Need Each Other.

   BAAMF is an organization that prioritizes the prosperity of Black Families and those that love and support Black Families. Every dollar goes toward the dream of building a strong black economy. Black homes owned by black people, Black Stores in Black Communities, Black Technical Schools feeding Black Businesses. But We cant do it without YOU.

  Right now we are growing awareness of the movement and what we stand for. You might see things on the website that don't center around fund raising and the specific message of raising money to build communities but everything has its purpose. Blogs bring organic web traffic and potential advertising income, the store brings in revenue for more marketing. 

  The Mission will ALWAYS be to fund the creation of black owned communities that prioritize the prosperity of those that live there. We welcome everyone because the more people that participate the more we disrupt the status quo. Imagine greedy landlords trying to compete with a business with the goal to cut rent in half and with the support of the people. We want the financial capitol to pay contractors to build entire neighborhoods from the ground up. That kind of ambition without taking loans will take the effort of our community. You can go fast alone, We can go FAR together.

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