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BAAMF: We Need A Foundation, We Need Each Other.

Welcome to BAAMF, the conversation has begun "where do we go from here?" "what's next?". All the talk seems to revolve around relying on a system that uses us as fuel to do right by us. Everything that America does by default leans back into an "every man for himself" mentality. What we need is a NEW system.

THAT is the vision for BAAMF. We need a foundation and we need each other working on one accord to make it strong. The goal is to form a community organization with the financial and legislative prosperity of the African American Community as its main driving force.

From 1619 to 1865 our ancestors were enslaved, during that time the most notable events were: Manifest Destiny, ramping up in 1845, being the idea that the United States was destined by God to expand its dominion and spread democracy and capitalism across north america from "sea to shining sea"; and The California Gold Rush from 1848-1855. Both times when the United States government was so set on expansion that they said if you claim the land and work the land its YOURS free and clear. Now today land and home ownership is the main component of a persons net worth and most people spend there whole lives renting and paying down other peoples mortgages, it's a constant transfer of wealth out of black communities. Once slavery was over we were treated like garbage, no rights, Black Codes instituted across the south that required black farmers to sign annual labor contacts with white landowners or face being arrested and hired out for work. Finally gaining the right to citizenship in 1868 under the 14th Amendment and the right to vote in 1870 under the 15th Amendment and even then we faced hurdles from those that saw us as "less than". After the withdrawal of federal troops across the south in 1877 lynching, disenfranchisement, and Jim Crow segregation proliferated. It wasn't until after World War II and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement almost 100 years later that Jim Crow would be outlawed.

It's as if America expected to get a strong healthy thriving harvest out of a crop they planted under the shed. Each time that we've searched out a little light, each time we found ourselves a little salvation, it was bombed, burned, and buried. There have literally been thousands of Black men and women killed and jailed, thousands of homes, businesses and churches razed to the ground for daring to prosper. Daring to have rights. Daring to be EQUAL.

I don't know about you but I don't want my fate left in the hands of a government that doesn't love who I am. We need a Second Age of Enlightenment and reconstruction. The same way there are labor unions that fight for the prosperity of their workers and negotiate their contracts we need an organization that will build high quality affordable housing in our communities that doesn't raise the rent in step with minimum wage, that provides free to low cost childcare so more adults are able to work and support their families, an organization that will take all those "We should..."s and "We need to.."s and make them a reality. THIS is that organization, it starts right here with me and you.

Just like cities use "sales tax", states use "state tax", nations use "federal tax", churches use "tithes", and unions use "dues". Members of BAAMF pay a subscription fee that goes toward the goals of our group its that simple. With a united effort anything is within our reach. Join today for just $2.99 a month less than a 2 for $3 at McDonalds and help us build the future we deserve.


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