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So Many of OUR Kids...I need to get this off my chest

Jace Young | 6 Years Old | San Francisco, CA

Natalia Wallace | 7 years old | Chicago,IL

Royta De'Marco Giles | 8 Years Old | Hoover, AL

Secoriea Turner | 8 Years Old | Atlanta, Ga

Davon McNeal | 11 Years Old | Washington D.C.

And Many More Unnamed Innocent Children

The gun violence this last week has disgusted me to the point of needing to get this off my chest. I've often had the thought as early as the last month.

"Hood nxggas gone be hood nxggas"

"who are we gona call? The grand wizard of nxgga shxt and demand that they calm these nxggas down?"

"I mean its street nxggas killing street nxggas they chose that lifestyle they don't wana be saved"

It's not true. This past week I saw the faces of children as young as six years old, killed by both stray bullets and deliberate acts of ignorance. I'm fighting back tears as I type this. We NEED to, without doubt or hesitation, purge this evil from our communities. There's no more "it is what it is", there's no more "business as usual", there's no more blaming it on socioeconomic conditions and waiting for someone else to change it, it's too fxcked up to wait for someone else to fix. On top of that seeing it used as a reason to undermine and discredit the black lives matter movement by everyone from white people to my own people makes me sick. The black lives matter movement needs to be free to focus on looking outward and convincing this nation to change its systems and not treating black skin as a threat and a reason to treat us with prejudice. We need another organization that looks inward to solve our own problems and fix our own systems that violate, erode, and stagnate us from within. I used to think the problems INSIDE our communities were bigger than me but as I get older and wiser I realize more and more everyday that no one is going to save us from us.

So many times I see people feel exactly like I feel about our people. They want to look at black and brown faces and see a brother or a sister, an aunt, or an uncle. They want to know they can step outside their home and take a walk through their own neighborhood and feel safe. I want to see communities full of joy and families made of people that once were strangers to one another. Community centers that never have a slow day, neighborhood-wide potluck barbecues bigger than any family reunion you've ever been to. We need to make it more beneficial to be BLACK, period, than it is to be a gang member. We need to make gangs a thing of the past. By making our future as a people the greatest it can be.

So if you're ready to start unifying as a people to solve these issues here's what I want you to do: Click this Image below and find out how to join BLACK CITIZEN UNION

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