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Black Militia March in Stone Mountain, a Georgia Confederate Park.

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

On July 4th about 200 armed protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park located near Atlanta Georgia.

Videos of the demonstration found on social media show them identifying themselves as "Not Fxxking Around Coalition" or NFAC, they are shown marching on a building in Stone Mountain Park. A place known for holding KKK meetings and rallies.

One of the leaders shown in the video below calls out the KKK:

“I want the heart of the Ku Klux Klan to hear me no matter where … you are,” he said. “I’m in yo’ house. Where you at? You made a threat. We don’t threat. We don’t scare, ’cause we don’t care.”

A spokesperson of Stone Mountain Memorial Association, John Bankhead, made a statement to WXIA-TV that the armed protesters were peaceful and they had a right to demonstrate there.

For every yin there is a yang. People and the universe itself are built on balance, and in culture and humanity this idea equates to the idea of fairness and a defense for every offense, a shield for every sword. I love the fact that there is a Black element, present and accounted for, to oppose white supremacists racists in America. They seem to hold to the same values as "Black Panthers" and of the early preaching of, civil rights leader, Malcolm X. Which while promoting Black Unity and encouraging the protection of our women and ourselves as a whole, which i absolutely love. There is an element of prejudice and hate that I just cant vibe with. I don't believe that this is the path to solving the real issues in america which is racism, inequity, AND inequality.

The solution is, in fact, Black Unity. We need to move away from primarily waiting for the system to change and take advantage of the system that takes advantage of us. When you understand the way money moves you understand exactly where to stand to capture the most of it. Here's the biggest problem. The majority of us and other people living on an "average" income in America have to PAY for money . What does paying for money look like? a Mortgage, a Car Loan, a School Loan. All the Interest paid on these loans are your FEE for buying other peoples money. How about renting or leasing a property or a car? Paying a fee to use something that doesn't belong to you and probably never will.

My ultimate goal with this website is to build a social organization for black prosperity. To start a fund that builds businesses and communities that have the prosperity of its members as a priority. Taking all those "we should.."s and "we need to.."s and making them a reality. How much would your rent be if you weren't also paying someones mortgage, how much would you save if the stores you shopped at weren't trying to make every dime they could off you just to send it out of your community, corner stores, grocery stores, payday loans, banks, and car dealerships, how much could you prosper? We need to disrupt the status quo by understanding it to the fullest effect. We are doing that right here, right now. If that is the future you want for yourself and your descendants join BAAMF by clicking below. Or click here to donate

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